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A New Type of Game

A game truly built from the ground up for the roleplaying enthusiast. With never-before-seen features and mechanics specifically designed to bring the player closer to their character than ever before. A truly unique experience as you live through your character in this gritty and unforgiving fantasy world.

No Hand-Holding

Using bleeding edge technology to bring to the player interactive RPG tools. With in-game features such as cartography and journal tools, players can document their own journey. No more endless quest markers, mini-maps, or copy/paste content.

Immersion First

Bringing immersion to another level and putting the “RPG” back into MMORPG. Say goodbye to needless grinding and embrace a new type of game design focused on role-playing, where you will be counting your adventures, not your levels.

About The Game

Myr’Nora is an open world MMORPG heavily focused on RPG elements. Modelled after the great classic MMORPGs that started the genre, Myr’Nora re-envisions these classics with modern technology. Say goodbye to hand-holding as Myr’Nora takes you deep into a gritty world filled with real decision-making and consequences. Embark on epic adventures away from civilization where the survival of your party is entirely focused around teamwork. Go on conquests and bring back treasures, previously lost to the world, as you unravel its mysteries. With 24 races and 24 classes to choose from, you can make your own adventure as a trader, farmer, explorer and embark on conquests, expeditions, pilgrimages, and much more in this massive and truly open world.


Unique Races




Unique Classes

Your epic adventure into Myr’Nora awaits…

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