Deep Dwarves

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Featured Image is real in-game model

The Deep Dwarves

Deep Dwarves live so deep underground that their existence is sometimes considered a myth as they are rarely seen by most of the other races. They specialize in mining an ore called “Voididium”, which radiates enough magic in its raw state to kill ordinary men in mere minutes. Even though Deep Dwarves are somewhat resistant to this radiated magic, they aren’t altogether unscarred from its effects, leaving them with twisted bodies and minds. Deep Dwarves stand apart from their kin by their dark and ghastly skin, along with their lack of cultural ethics and morally questionable beliefs, can make average men weak at the knees. But nonetheless, Voididium is a sought out resource in the world and the Deep Dwarves are left to their own devices as long as the ore supply keeps on coming.

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