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Founder and Creator Daniel Montes

About Stormbreach

Stormbreach started in 2020 with the vision of making a true RPG experience set in a fantasy world. For 22 years Daniel Montes has been building the world of Myr’Nora, a fantasy world filled with decades of lore and content. This fantasy world is Daniel’s life’s work and in 2020 he decided that Myr’Nora needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

When Daniel was in High School he fell in love with EverQuest, a true marvel of its time. Since then, no other game has given the same feel or character that EverQuest gave. Limited by the technology of the late 90s, a lot of features within the genre were stripped away one by one. Removing much of what made the genre so great in the first place. The genre slipped into a whirlpool of copy/paste content and went further and further away from the main focus of the genre, to give the player a role-playing experience.

Stormbreach was founded on the principles of creating a TRUE RPG experience, in an MMO. We want to take the genre in the direction in should’ve went years ago. Remaining true to RPG elements, Stormbreach strives to use today’s technology to re-envision the genre, giving the player an experience we’ve all be waiting decades for.

Immersion First

Stormbreach only has one core value , but it’s so big and complex it’s all we need. We focus on immersion, an experience that has no playbook. If this was an easy concept then making an immersive game would be a slam dunk every time, but this is far from true. Companies have tried to create a winning formula to making games and what the decades of gaming have taught us is that you can’t just throw money at something and make it good. Immersion is the entire package, how the entire game is put together, how it feels, how it breathes, and when this is achieved your players will become captivated by your creation.

When we watch a good movie we get sucked into the story. We feel the characters, the events, the tension. There is a connection made through the art of storytelling and this imprints us with the experience. This is the bar we set at Stormbreach; to immerse the player into our games, to make them feel, and to leave a lasting impression. We will not compromise on this core value as we build our flagship Myr’Nora to breathe, to feel lived in, and for players to feel a true connection to our world. We’re not just making a game, we’re making an immersive experience.

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