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Practitioners of Arcane

Wizards came to be after the Cataclysmic Campaign as a response to the “World Breakers”. Taking what they could salvage from The Ancients, they have learned how to channel magic through training. Understanding magic on a fundamental level and bringing order to the chaos created by other spellcasters. It wasn’t long before Wizards organized themselves into a collective called The Mage’s Arch, which was named after their first place of study. Which was indeed a large arch-like structure.

Today, these large arch-like structures have been built near places of power which serve as universities for apprentice Wizards and their studies. Having an uneasy alliance with The Order of the White Lotus, they seek to bring order to the world of magic. However, not all Wizards agree on what should be allowed to be studied and this leads to uneasy truces and distrust. Afterall, how can you govern those who wield such power…

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