Sun Elves

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Featured image is real in-game model

The Sun Elves

The Sun Elves are as native to the continent of Tok as the human Tokians. Having lived there well before the Great Migration, their nomadic lifestyle has not changed much. Attuned to the Sun, these ebony to copper-toned skinned Elves wear mostly white silks with gold trim along with head and face coverings. They are friendly to outsiders and will offer strangers food, water, and shelter. But they will not adopt or allow these strangers to linger with them for long. They are most renowned for fighting alongside the old empire of Rone against the undead armies of Zyzyx during his uprising. Since then, the Sun Elves lost their homeland to the now blighted Kithmore Fields and now live in the plains just west of the Syran Desert and along the Kordale River.

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