Kettle Halflings

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The Kettle Halflings

Masters at planning and organizing, Kettle Halflings have made their mark by being master tacticians, the best the world has ever seen. Not only are they renowned for their planning, but their ability to execute these plans are legendary. Boasting some of the world’s best map makers, they utilize every variable given to them to win their battles. Kettle Halflings are the warrior caste in halfling society, tasked with protecting its borders. Slightly bigger than the Homestead Halflings, Kettle Halflings spend their lives learning how to scout their lands, creating maps, and learning war strategies and tactics, all passed down from generation to generation. This long lived tradition has served them well as they have never been successfully invaded. Their phalanx of pikes is said to be impossible to penetrate, and their dog-riders are exceptional in battle, gracefully maneuvering through battlefields to execute well planned and well timed traps. It’s because of these qualities that Kettle has had so many years of peace.

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