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From a collection of books owned by High Protector Marnoll Whitefyre of the Order of the White Lotus. Short excerpt from page 1, in the intro to: Book on Triumphant Victories: A Paladin’s Code: 

“Victories can be assured if one follows the guidelines of efficient battle herein this manuscript, but also follows the ways of wisdom and common sense. A Paladin’s first allegiance is to truth; failing truth, a Paladin fails all else. From truth, a Paladin is sworn to duty to uphold peace wherever absent. it is lacking. 

The great, first Paladin of old, Lightbearer Korjac, vanquished his foes with grace and might; it is to him that we are grateful for the Order. Establishing a connection between us all has strengthened our resolve to bringing peace and balance to this world, and together this is possible. 

Always remember the Paladin creed and recite it from your heart before every encounter, whether with friend or foe: 

“To truth, I give my wisdom; to peace, I give my heart; to friends, I give my comfort; and foes I tear apart.”

The Paladin

Paladins are holy warriors who serve the virtues of the Order of the White Lotus, an order of devoted knights sworn in safeguarding the balance of Myr’Nora in all kingdoms, holding no allegiance to any one faction. Paladins are but one arm of the White Lotus with the sole objective of maintaining peace and ensuring that the dead pass on from entangled curses that keep them anchored to this realm. Ceaselessly pursuing the unholy and purging the world of its evil. 

They are the true protectors of all that is good in the world, defending the defenseless, ending wars, and rooting out evil. They are beloved and treated as honored guests wherever they may go. While Paladins are humble and kind protectors of peace and tranquility, do not take their humility as a weakness, for without contestation their steadfast devotion rallies them to justice. Vested with the power of their deity to not withdraw the wrathful hand of retribution for the glory of all that is good to smite their enemies.


Paladins are holy warriors, a hybrid fighter-cleric wearing plate armor. Their specialization with divine power accompanied with their expertise of arms and armor makes them a steadfast presence in combat. Paladins use stuns and heals coupled with their “Marks of Virtue” to aid them in battle and to keep the party safe. They are capable of dealing tremendous amounts of damage to the undead; thus, making them an ideal tank for any party.


Emergency Heals
Crowd Control

Primary Stats


Favored Armor


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