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Borus – Strength and War

Borus is the disowned son (or branch) of the Magnitheon Kordale. He believes that aggression and strength are the only paths to victory. Borus enjoys a very close relationship with the Magnitheon Eckal and when the two are together chaos ensues. It is unknown if Borus’s behavior towards his father is the result of this lust towards Eckal, or if the relationship with Eckal is a consequence of Borus’s true nature. 

Borus symbolizes strength above all other virtues, a true personification of militant might, he cares only for conquest and the truest form of “survival of the fittest”. Believers of this ideology give no quarter in battle and ask none in return. Honor has no place on the battlefield and the only true rule of war is to win at all costs. Followers embrace their primitive instincts to kill without reservation.

Borus is commonly worshipped by barbarians, Berserkers, Orcs, and the Order of the Black Lotus.

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