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Clairest – Sky and the Four Winds

Clairest is said to be the most beautiful of the Magnitheons, graced in flowing white robes and long red hair. This beauty naturally attracted Kordale and Lethaniel to her, creating a love triangle between the three. She enjoys being free of obligations or commitments. Rather, she prefers to go wherever the moment takes her. Flowing through the path with least resistance has aided her to avoid many of the conflicts between the other Magnitheons.

Peace is not a focal belief with Clariest, rather it’s the practice to minimize the attraction of negative forces. And peace often is the result of this type of ideology. Followers of Clariest aren’t pacifists and will fiercely defend themselves and what they love. Good fortune comes to those who go “wherever the wind goes”, a common expression amongst her followers. Priests of Clairest must complete an epic pilgrimage traveling where the wind takes them, quite literally. This pilgrimage only ends once they arrive back at their starting location, taking days or even years to complete. One famous story tells a tale of a priest completing the pilgrimage in a matter of minutes, a fortunate omen as to their worthiness in the eyes of Clairest. Not all return from this pilgrimage.

Clairest is commonly worshipped by Monks, travelers, sailors, mountain dwellers, pirates, and musicians.

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