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Hethal – Water and the White Moon

Hethal is a twin to the Magnitheon Syra, born at the exact same instance of time. With the primordial energies manifesting into fire and water, the twins were born. Hethal and her sister Syra love each other, but that doesn’t mean they always enjoy each other’s company. Often the dissension of the two will lead to conflicts, but these feuds never last long. When Syra and Hethal get along it is said to be a good day for all.

Hethal represents the calm seeded in everyone. Whether this calm grows or is ignored is up to each individual. Followers of Hethal strive to foster this seed through meditation and their interactions with others. Forever seeking a peace called the “Great Calming”, leaving no room for evil to thrive. The “Great Calming” is an uncorrupted pure existence. Followers of Hethal partake in charities as a common practice; feeding the hungry, aiding the sick, and assisting those in need. Shrines to Hethal are usually in the form of fountains where farmers often pray for good harvests. Coins are tossed into these fountains each year and during harvest the priests will collect these coins and donate them to those in need, helping them to survive the winter. It is said that people who steal from these fountains will die of thirst or hunger.

Hethal is commonly worshipped alongside Syra by Druids, farmers, Priests, desert dwellers. She is also sometimes worshipped individually by sailors.

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