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Syra – Fire and the Sun

Syra is a twin to the Magnitheon Hethal, born at the exact same instance of time. With the primordial energies manifesting into fire and water, the twins were born. Syra and her sister Hethal love each other, but that doesn’t mean they always enjoy each other’s company. And often the dissension of the two will lead to conflicts, but these feuds never last long. When Syra and Hethal get along it is said to be a good day for all.

Syra represents the essence of passion and motivation. Passion is the drive to pursue one’s goals and behaves much like fire. If this passion burns too bright or hot it can consume a person and motivation easily turns into obsession if not controlled. Tokens of gratitude in the form of wooden carvings are thrown into camp fires as a tribute to Syra. It’s believed that by doing so one can keep the darkness at bay within their own hearts. And the warm calming sensation one feels while staring into a campfire is a connection to Syra. Temples to Syra are not common and are usually in the form of pergolas; however, many followers pay homage to Syra by constructing their homes as riads or atriums with shrines in the middle.

Syra is commonly worshipped alongside Hethal by Druids, farmers, Priests, and desert dwellers.

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